"Work has to include our deepest values and passions and feelings and commitments, or it's not work, it's just a job."

- Matthew Fox


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Sandra Corcoran, M.Ed., CDD, Integrative Coach, International Speaker

Cultural & Metaphysical Researcher

Masters in Integrated Arts/Expressive Therapies from Lesley University, Cambridge, MA. Undergrad degree in Special Needs Education with Psychology/Biology minor.

Author of Shamanic Awakening and the meditative CD compilation Souled Out. Co-founder of the STAR Process™’91, a method of spirit healing which helps you to reclaim aspects of your core self.

I have trained for the past 35 years in both modern and ancient healing techniques. The potency of these techniques are being proven today by studies in new biology, epi-genetics, and quantum physics.

Other techniques I may include when working with a client besides counseling are: Biofield Frequency Tuning, PSYCH-K, Dream Analysis, STAR Process Healings, Susto Healings, Theta-state Healings, Seneca Earthpath Energy Charts, or Thoth Tarot Readings.

Certified in all the protocols for Biofield Tuning through Eileen McKusick; PSYCH-K through Robin Graham; trained through the Upledger Institute for cranial-sacral therapy; AOBTA certified with Kiiko Matsumoto and Kikuko Miyasaki; and study through J.J. Hurtak, the Academy of Future Sciences.

Mentored by the late Grandmother Twylah Hurd Nitsch for over 12 years to be a certified Wolf Clan Teacher and trained dream decoder.  Mentored for over 20 years by Dr. Juan Nunez del Prado to be a trained teacher and chumpi paq’o in the south central Andean Mystical Tradition.

As a writer/speaker I’ve given various radio interviews, presented at international symposiums, and had numerous articles published in a variety of publications spanning topics from the mystical and transformative, to the power of the dream, to healthcare design trends used to uplift patients in high stress hospital settings.

I have over thirty years of experience and insight in offering guidance, clarity, and alternative perspectives to client’s world-wide, through Thoth Tarot Readings.

This is merely my story. My work as a coach, is to help you express your story. I would be honored to work with you in whatever capacity you are looking to design for yourself.