"The guest will judge better of a feast than the cook."- Aristotle


Guest on Emowered Women Radio Show

Gwilda Wiyaka Interviews: Sandy Corcoran - Feminine Empowerment Through Indigenous Wisdom

November 9, 2018 - My continued thanks to Gwilda Wiyaka for hosting me on her various radio shows. It is always such a pleasure to discuss the many topics that come up during our time together. I was honored to be asked to speak on her latest radio show: Empowered Women. Thanks Gwilda!!

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Science of Magic Radio Broadcast - August 10

Many thanks to Gwilda Wiyaka and Science of Magic Radio for a great discussion on the power of dreams and the New Humanity.

Science of Magic Radio Broadcast - July 28, 2016 
Thank You Gwilda for one of the most delightful interviews I've participated in.

The Shamanic Lands, London 2016
Sandy participated with shamanic teachers from Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England & Ecuador for a gathering ofpractitioners bringing to life the ancient pathways of Druidry, Celtic Seership, Bardic Story Telling, Geomancy, Bwiti and Dream Decoding. Each healer delivered a unique teaching from their own traditions which created a collective story. Enjoy the pictures: theshamaniclands.com

MnRTV Live with Robert Carobene broadcast April 27, 2016 at 8:15 p.m. 
(The interview starts at 38:54)
Click here for the podcast discussion. Thank you Robert for a stimulating show.

Indie Shaman Magazine, Issue 28
Thank you to June Kent for continually striving to get wonderful information to her readership world-wide.

Dream Article for Indie Shaman 2016

Good Vibrations Radio®
Turn the lead in your life into gold with everyday Alchemy

Thank you Solazar for a thoughtful exchange of questions and ideas on Good Vibrations Radio, Tuesday, February 2, 2016. Loved joining you on your show about my book and the other subjects we discussed. Thank you for the opportunity. 
For those interested, the Tuesday show replays at 5 PM [PST], and Saturday at 3 AM [PST] and 7 AM [PST].

Circle of Hearts Radio: It's good Karma to share
Sandy's interview aired 2pm EST on January 17, 2016. Thank you Allaya, for such an in-depth and thorough interview on my book: Shamanic Awakening. I was delighted to spend the hour talking with you for your audience.
To hear show, please go to this link: Circle of Hearts Radio

Coast to Coast Radio with George Noory

Sandy's interview aired midnight PST on December 16, 2015 into the morning hours of December 17. Thank you George, for all you continue to explore 'out there', and open people up to, through your huge variety of interviews and speakers.  To hear the show, please go to this link: Coast to Coast interview

Archived Interviews

Sandy's interview with David Farrell of Archetype Events
for the Gateways of the Mind Ireland
Conference & follow-up Workshop
June 7-9, 2014  YouTube interview

A grateful shout out to Davyd and Emma Farrell of Archetype Events in the UK, promoters of events on lucid dreaming, shamanism from a variety of cultures, and Earth awareness workshops.

supernaturalgirlz.tumblr.com: See the second listing down (Shamanic Awakening). A big thank you to Patricia Baker and Becky Andreasson of Supernatural Girlz Radio, recorded every Saturday evening from 9-11 p.m. Always interesting and stimulating topics/guests.

I wish to thank June Kent, editor of Indie Shaman Magazine.  Read the magazine article here.
To receive Vol #20 or future volumes of this magazine as a digital file, or in hard copy, please contact: www.indieshaman.co.uk.

Examiner.com Article: Sandra Corcoran on Shamanic Awakening 
Thank you to Jeffery Pritchett, of the Paranormal Examiner and BeforeitsNews, out of Marianna, FL.  Articles are re-posted at: beforeitsnews.com and www.examiner.com.  He has a radio show at: churchofmabusradio.com 

The Donna Seebo Show
Thank you Donna for a wonderful interview and getting my name and book out there world-wide. Blessings on your new radio station. Listen to the radio interview here.

Thank you to Jeffrey Pritchett, of the Examiner.com, a book review and radio show out of Florida for a frank and open discussion from my book, Shamanic Awakening. 
Q&A with Sandra Corcoran

Radio show was recorded June 3, 2014 with Royce 'the Redneck' Holleman on Talkshow Radio
A heartfelt thank you Royce for a wonderful and spiritually directed discussion on many topics generated through my book Shamanic Awakening.  Hear the radio show: YouTube or Dailymotion 

 A Book Review of "Shamanic Awakening: My Journey Between the Dark and the Daylight" on FacingNorth.net.  Read the article here

Thank you so much to Betsey Lewis for having me on her program, Rainbow Vision Network as a kindred soul in this work.  See the interview here. 

A Gathering of Priestess #54 with Gloria Taylor Brown 

Thank you so much to Gloria for a lively night of discussion.  YouTube interview