"Everything in the universe is within you. Ask all from yourself."

- Rumi


A Simple Guide to Session Descriptions:

Holistic Integrative Coaching: The dictionary defines holistic as relating to the “whole system instead of its parts.” Holistic Integrative Coaching implies not only talking through issues, but also using alternative techniques, and safe but diverse modalities that work on more than just one aspect of an individual. Everything—personal issues, physical wellbeing, family/social dynamics, career/business matters, or partnering/relationship concerns, can and do affect our whole person emotionally, physically, mentally or psycho-spiritually.  Together we determine the best approach to assist you to uncover more sovereignty in, and deeper meaning for, your life.   Sessions are 55 minutes: $145. I do offer a sliding scale when possible.

Theta Alchemical Healing: There are five main brain wave frequencies: Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta, and Gamma. Everything you do, say, or perceive, is regulated by the frequency of your brain waves. The beliefs you hold about yourself and/or your past, layer themselves to form what you experience, be that physically, emotionally, mentally, or psycho-spiritually. Working in a safe environment together, we move through the layers and detach the 'story' impacting those aspects of your life that need to change for you to move forward with more clarity.  Working in the frequency of the theta wave state:

  • helps to relieve stress and anxiety
  • gives access to past life scenarios, to gain clarity on current life challenges
  • releases ancestral cords that we carry as our own
  • unlocks imaginative, creative thinking 
  • reduces pain by stimulating endorphins
  • helps promote better sleep    

Sessions can be booked for either 1 hour or 1.5 hours: cost varies between $150 and $225 depending on your choice.


PSYCH-K Sessions: PSYCH-K is a technique designed to create balanced identification with both hemispheres of the brain. Life experiences can often trigger dominance in one side of the brain or the other, but our natural ability to simultaneously utilize both sides of the brain allows for different experiences, outcomes, and/or changes that can enhance one’s life. Behavioral scientists confirm that our behaviors are a direct reflection of our beliefs, perceptions and values; and neuro-plasticity confirms we can change those patterns.


• a non-invasive, interactive process creating change with a proven long-term record of success
• a simple, powerful procedure to facilitate change at the subconscious level that is causing self-limiting or self-sabotaging beliefs
• a method that effectively creates change in the areas of behavioral/habitual thoughts, promotes wellness and reduces stress

Sessions are 55 minutes: $145. I do offer a sliding scale when possible.

biofield tuning.jpg

Biofield Frequency Tuning is a non-medical, non-invasive therapeutic modality using sound waves produced by tuning forks, brought through the electro-magnetic field, referred to as the biofield that surrounds the human body. Biofield Tuning is not to be used in lieu of medical treatment prescribed by your doctor, however many people have reported improvement with a wide variety of issues such as: anxiety, depression, stress, fear both known and unknown, PTSD, digestive issues, chronic fatigue, and the resolution, or neutralization of emotions from past experiences or traumas. Specific harmonic patterns relate to specific conditions. These situations create a resonant discord in the bio magnetic field. The HZ frequencies vibrating from the tuning forks, harmonize the electrical emissions created by the condition, breaking up the density held in the client’s field, bringing back a state of coherence. Please leave time after your session to relax.  Sessions are 55 minutes: cost $145.

STAR Process (2).jpg

STAR Process™ Sessions:

The STAR Process™ is a psycho-spiritual modality which re-patterns wounded aspects of the Self that hold one from experiencing life with greater control, consciousness, clarity, and commitment. As a healing modality this ancient paradigm has changed little over millennia, and is supported today by epi-geneticists, physics and new sciences.

In the realms of shamanic healing, the body is perceived to be many layers of luminous energy filaments vibrating and responding to both refined and dense energy. These accumulated energetic imprints affect an individual by impacting their life experiences, creating personal contracts, repeating ancestral cords, and/or causing discord emotionally, physically, psychically, mentally or spiritually by limiting the higher frequency resonance we are all capable of.

Sessions can:

  • Regenerate cellular vibration releasing lower energetic frequencies that cause discord
  • Realign the body/mind/spirit bringing forth renewed purpose and potential
  • Release old wounds, contracts and/or ancestral cords held within your electro-magnetic bio-field structure 
  • Recalibrate your self-awareness bringing with it clarity, wisdom and grace
  • Please leave time after your session to rest.

   Sessions run for 2 hours: cost is $350.  A $150 nonrefundable deposit is required to hold your chosen day/time. With the required 48 hour cancellation, this deposit can be used towards another service, or rebooking the same service.

Seneca Earthpath Energy Charts: Grandmother Twylah Nitsch, and her mother Blue Flower, formatted the oral teachings of her People, the Seneca, into a body of work called the Cycles of Truth and the Pathway of Peace. For 12 years she shared these teachings with me, and certified me as a teacher in the Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge. The teachings are based on the Medicine, or Wisdom Wheels, and teach that each individual’s Earthwalk has specific energetic vibrations which help to guide them toward their unique potential. These energies are based on seven gifts of birth (personal attributes), five latent talents (personal challenges) and a boundary skill which motivates change and movement within our life.

Sessions take 2 hours of preparation and 2 hours in-person to discuss all the pertinent personal information. There are protocols prior to beginning the work that I will need to collect from you. You will receive a complete booklet of your charts, color copies of your Birthpath destiny, and two digitalized CD’s of our two hours spent together.

Cost $400. There is a $200 nonrefundable fee required to start your research and set your day/time. You can apply this towards something else, or reschedule, unless you fail to notify 48 hours out from your scheduled appointment. At least two weeks is needed to prepare your personal booklet, so please consider that when requesting an appointment. 

Dream Analysis: Dreams are gift from your subconscious and an opportunity to reveal to the ‘waking self’ important information for self-reflection or self-growth. Reviewing your dreamscape’s sensations, symbolism, archetypes, storyline and/or how the dream characters react, provides a wealth of information that can assist you in negotiating life with more clarity or choice. Dreams have been studied and talked about for millennia—from ancient cultural practices, to exploration of psychological understanding, to esoteric discussions and alternative healing practices. Dreams come from a place of pure perception and inner knowing. Together we explore both your dream symbology and the emotional state produced, to give fresh meaning and new insights for you to consider.    Sessions are 55 minutes: $145.

Susto/Limpia Energy Clearing Sessions:


Susto literally means ‘first fright.’ First frights can arise at any time pre-birth or post birth, and can even be traced down through our ancestral lineage. These ‘frights’ have the potential to accumulate other impressions, often unconscious, over the pursuing years that affect the nervous system and the autonomic immune system. This healing technique is used throughout Mexico, Central and South America.

My indigenous teachers believed that we carry our ancestor's frequencies in our DNA, and that their beliefs, struggles, emotions, fears, and unresolved issues are passed down energetically through our DNA. Although an ancient technique which uses eggs, candles, herbs, talking and petitioning, the frontiers of new biology, quantum physics and DNA research are validating that experiences in our external reality are shaped from signals expressed through the genes/DNA as a direct result of those beliefs, experiences, traumas, etc. 

Please leave time after your session to rest.  Sessions can run up to 1.5 hours: cost $225

I have a 48 hour cancellation policy that I respectfully ask you to honor.  Some of my services require a deposit to guarantee your preferred date/time (via check within 7 days of requesting the appointment or through Pay Pal). Pay Pal must be paid as 'sending money to family/friends' and not as 'sending money for goods and services.' If you prefer to send as paying for goods & services, a 4% fee will apply. For most of my personal services (not for listed calendar sponsorships) I can accept personal checks, bank checks, Pay Pal, or cash at the time of your appointment. Should you choose to use a credit card for payment, there is a 4% bank service charge added to the total of the service you choose. The correct pay pal address will be given to you when we set your specific service and appointment time.