"Everything in the universe is within you. Ask all from yourself."

- Rumi


A Simple Guide to Session Descriptions:

Holistic Integrative Coaching: The dictionary defines holistic as relating to the “whole system instead of its parts.” Holistic Coaching implies not only talking through issues, but also using diverse techniques and alternative modes of therapy that work on more than just one aspect of an individual. Everything—personal issues, physical wellbeing, family/social dynamics, career/business matters, or partnering/relationship concerns, can and do affect our whole person.


Dream Analysis: Dreams are an opportunity to tap the subconscious Self and reveal to the waking self, important information for self-reflection supplied through reviewing its symbolism, archetypes, story-line and/or the dream’s characters. A single dream sentence can hold as much information as a 2 page dream. Dreams come from a place of pure perception. Together we explore both your dream symbology and the feelings produced, to give meaning and new insights for you the client, to consider.



PSYCH-K Sessions: PSYCH-K is a technique designed to create balanced identification with both hemispheres of the brain. Life experiences can often trigger dominance in one side of the brain or the other, but our natural ability to simultaneously utilize both sides of the brain allows for different experiences, outcomes, and/or changes that can enhance one’s life. Behavioral scientists confirm that our behaviors are a direct reflection of our beliefs, perceptions and values.


• a non-invasive, interactive process creating change with a proven long-term record of success
• a simple, powerful procedure to facilitate change at the subconscious level that is causing self-limiting or self-sabotaging beliefs
• a method that effectively creates change in the areas of behavioral/habitual thoughts, promotes wellness and reduces stress


Theta Guided Meditation Healings: There are five main brain waves frequencies: Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta, and Gamma. Everything you do, say, or perceive, is regulated by the frequency of brain waves. Theta waves, whether waking or sleeping:
   • helps to relieve stress and anxiety
   • promotes relaxation and mental clarity
   • synchronizes the right and left hemispheres of the brain
   • opens imaginative and creative thinking
   • reduces pain by stimulating endorphins


STAR Process™ Sessions: The STAR Process™ is a psycho-spiritual modality which re-patterns wounded aspects of the Self that holds one from experiencing life with greater control, optimism, and clarity. As a spirit healing modality this paradigm has changed little in millennia.

In the realms of shamanic healing, the body is perceived to be many layers of luminous energy filaments vibrating and responding to various imprints of refined and/or dense energy, accumulated by individuals as life experiences, contracts, or wounds. These dense ‘imprints’ can affect a person at one, or a variety of energy centers or subtle body levels, ultimately having the potential to impact one emotionally, physically, mentally, psychically, and/or spiritually.


‘Susto’ Sessions:

Susto literally means ‘first fright.’ First frights can arise at any time pre-birth or post birth, and can even be trace down through ancestral lineages. These ‘frights’ have the potential to accumulate other impressions, often unconscious, over the pursuing years that affect the nervous system and the autonomic immune system. This healing paradigm is used throughout Mexico, Central and South America. A person may be suffering emotionally, physically, psychically, spiritually, or in some combination of these, due to a wide variety of interferences, dramatic or traumatic, that can energetically expand later in life to be experienced as perceived social or personal failures.


Seneca Earthpath Energy Charts: Grandmother Twylah Nitsch, and her mother Blue Flower, formatted the oral teachings of her People, the Seneca, into a body of work called the Cycles of Truth and the Pathway of Peace. For 12 years she shared teachings with me, and certified me as a teacher in the Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge. The teachings are based on the Medicine Wheel, and teach that each individual’s Earthwalk has specific energetic vibrations which help to guide them toward their unique potential. These energies are based on seven gifts of birth (personal attributes), five latent talents (personal challenges) and a boundary skill which motivates change and movement within our life.

Sessions take 2 hours of preparation and 2 hours in-person to review all the information with you. There are details prior to beginning the work I will need to collect from you. You will receive a complete booklet, color copies of your Birthpath destiny, and two digitalized CD’s of our two hours spent together.


Intuitive Thoth Tarot Readings: I have 30 years of professional insight and experience into the use of the tarot. I feel readings can educate and inform clients, so they realize they have more than one choice to proceed through life’s pressing questions, offering them alternative perspectives for personal growth or change. My use of the deck comes from a combination of my psychological background, esoteric studies, and time spent with various cultures around the world, using archetypes and symbology as an overview to consciousness.  I offer readings nationally and internationally in person, over the phone, or via Skype.


I have a 48 hour cancellation policy that I respectfully ask you to honor. Some of these services require a deposit to guarantee your preferred date/time. I accept personal checks, bank checks, and cash at the time of your appointment. Should you choose to use a credit card or pay pal for payment, there is a with a 4% bank service charge added. The correct pay pal address will be given to you when we set your specific service andappointment.



"Working with Sandy was exactly what I needed after 4 years of traditional talk therapy. Sandy was able to get to a deeper level of awareness using her PSYCH-K therapy method (in conjunction with her other amazing traditional and non-traditional styles). When your "higher self" literally speaks for you, you can't argue! Working with Sandy has given me the tools, the confidence and the awareness that I need to stand in my power and truly be in charge of my life!" 
—Andrea S. (female, Org. Development Specialist, US Army) 

"As a compassionate guide, Sandy brings a high level of skill, wisdom and integrity to the work. We used Psych K to identify blocking beliefs and replace them with liberating truths. Shamanic work addressed more entrenched patterns and revealed my soul’s vision. I found the healing process to be profound, surprising – even delightful – and have made changes more quickly than I ever have in talk therapy. I feel renewed and more self-love has taken root." 
—Ellen (female, psychotherapist) 

"The work Sandy did with me called PSYCH-K was the single most effective thing I have ever done to get over a huge obstacle and improve my life. I don’t even bother with other forms of counseling or therapy because the PSYCH-K did in one session what even the best care from other providers couldn’t do in years. Sandy is extremely professional so it’s easy to trust her with difficult information." 
—N.B. (female, health care provider)

Testimonials-Tarot Intuitive Readings

"A Tarot reading from Sandy Corcoran is somewhat similar to readings from other extraordinary people who are not limited by three dimensions and time moving only forward, but you have to add both jet fuel and afterburners, and you get a sense of how fast she travels. Her readings include both general and very specific information, as she uses the cards as keys to unlock questions about events, general trends, concepts and relationships, which are then enhanced with her compassionate intuition. I recommend her highly as I and family members have found her helpful when struggling with big questions." 
—Psychiatrist, male age 65, US Great Basin

"Sandy is uncanny in her ability to discern the pertinent issues to be addressed. I have found her to be extremely helpful in refining my decisions relative to inter-personal relationships, as well as in my professional endeavors. Over the years, Sandy has been consistently accurate and insightful. Her prescriptive and recommendations have been nothing less than stellar! I highly recommend spending time with her." 
—C. (male, retired Criminal Justice, Ph.D.) 

"I have visited Sandy over several years for Tarot readings. Her insights and readings have helped me to navigate and to understand several aspects of my life. She is incredibly knowledgeable, highly intuitive, and delivers what she sees in the cards with kindness and compassion. She is definitely the best reader I have ever been to and I have recommended her to many people - friends and family - and all are very grateful for her readings." 
—P. (female, Graphic Designer/Artist) 

"I have had many Tarot readings from Sandy Corcoran over the years, and what I have to say is this. There is the wisdom of the Tarot, and there is the wisdom of Sandy. Combined, they see profoundly into whatever situation I bring, and equally they see profoundly into me. Sandy’s comments are deep and true to the issue, yet always kind. She takes the rich heritage of the cards and translates them into a relevance to my life. A session with Sandy is always worth every second and every cent. Thank you, Sandy!" 
—Tracey A., Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist

"Sandy Corcoran enjoys a loyal clientele because her tarot sessions combine intuition and insight with common sense and practical advice. She's fun to talk with, which is always a plus when one is asking important questions. It has been my pleasure to introduce friends and relatives to Sandy and her work, and it's no exaggeration to say that she has helped birth life changes. Sandy's observations have even helped my dogs and cat. I am happy to recommend her services." 
—CJ, (female, Writer and Energy Worker)