"Nothing binds you except your thoughts, nothing limits you except your fear; and nothing controls you except your beliefs." - Marianne Williamson


I see clients in-person at my office at Roots & Wings Healing Arts Center, 317 N. Main St., Natick, MA on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 10-6. I am available on request some Friday mornings when I am not traveling/ teaching. I offer my long-distance clients sessions on Monday's & Friday's as we can arrange for the time zone changes. I have a full 48 hour cancellation policy. For some sessions (such as Thoth Tarot Readings), payment is required to hold your day/time.


Sandy Corcoran, M.ED, CDD

I believe to fulfill our highest potential for a productive, self-realized life experience, that we need to challenge ourselves to explore the belief systems that keep us stuck in patterns that deny our empowered Self.

I offer a wide variety of modern, shamanic, and metaphysical healing modalities to help you to assess and release the self conceptions that have molded your limitations. 

As a facilitator, my job is to motivate, affirm, and help you to clarify a life that works better for you. Your job is to actualize healthier choices, be accountable to shift what isn’t serving, and take those actions needed to create a more fulfilling life.

One cannot solve their problems with the same consciousness that created those problems. Thus my intent is to both challenge and support you, revealing where you diminish your ‘light’ and/or deny your ‘shadow’—empowering a new level of consciousness.

To thrive and support our Divine Blueprint of creation in the 21st century, we must remember our Wholeness. To that end, to change your story you must be willing to risk changing your script. I would be honored to work with you.


Purchase my book Shamanic Awakening, post a review on Amazon.com and send me the link to your review, and I will send you free of charge a hard copy of my meditation CD, Souled Out as a thank you gift.

Shamanic Awakening:

Between the Dark and the Daylight  Published by Inner Traditions/Bear & Co.  Available through Amazon


Souled Out - A compilation of original meditations 

Trilogy Set 1: enlivens your understanding of your Spirit's expression

Trilogy Set 2: intro to the 3 levels of the Andean Mystical Cosmo-Vision 

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