"Nothing binds you except your thoughts, nothing limits you except your fear; and nothing controls you except your beliefs."

- Marianne Williamson



Sandy Corcoran, M.ED, CDD, AOBTA, PSYCH-K


I have a holistic integrative counseling practice which combines a range of modern, shamanic, and metaphysical healing modalities. I use these credentialed and alternative methodologies to support clients to experience the GIFT of themselves—

Generate, Illuminate, Free, Trust

As a facilitator, my job is to motivate, affirm, and help you clarify a life that works better for you. Your job is to actualize healthier choices, be accountable to shift what isn’t serving, and take action to create a more fulfilling life.

We work as a team, in a safe place. My intent is to both challenge and support you, revealing where you diminish your ‘light’ and/or deny your ‘shadow’—which when uncovered do empower change.

To change your story, you must be willing to risk changing your script.
I would be honored to work with you.





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Shamanic Awakening:

Between the Dark and the Daylight  Published by Inner Traditions/Bear & Co.  Available through Amazon


Souled Out - A compilation of original meditations 

Trilogy Set 1: enlivens your understanding of your Spirit's expression

Trilogy Set 2: intro to the 3 levels of the Andean Mystical Cosmo-Vision 

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