"We do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all the power we need inside ourselves already."

- J.K. Rowling

intuitive Readings

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Intuitive Thoth Tarot Readings: I have been offering readings nationally and internationally for over 30 years. I am a well-respected, highly sought after tarot reader who assists seekers to gain clarity, realize other options, or perhaps view life's vagaries through an alternative lens. I bring my professional insight to a reading not as a prediction of the future (everyone's future is malleable and based on their actions and choices), but rather to offer the querent new perspectives and possibilities. My readings combine my psychological background, esoteric/metaphysical studies, as well as time spent with various cultures understanding their symbology. 

Why Thoth? Thoth was one of the Egyptian neteru associated with writing, magic, wisdom and the moon. He was also associated with the heart─Egyptian Mystery schools associate the heart with the seat of the mind because both heart and the mind need to be in balance to establish our truth. My goal with an intuitive reading is to offer you information that may help support or guide you to your truth as it affects your actions and reactions.  Sessions are 55 minutes/cost $175. A CD of your session is provided. By phone, CD will be shipped or a download of the reading emailed to you. 


Seneca Earthpath Energy Charts: Grandmother Twylah Nitsch, and her mother Blue Flower, formatted the oral teachings of her People, the Seneca, into a philosophical study based on Wisdom Wheels. Each individual’s Earthwalk has specific energetic vibrations which help to guide them toward their unique potential, offering insights that provide purpose and deeper meaning when navigating one's life. 

Sessions take 2 hours of preparation, plus a 2 hours in-person session to discuss all your personal information. You will receive a complete booklet of your charts, information on your animal totems, color copies of your Birth path destiny, and two digitalized CD’s recordings of our two hour review.

Cost is $400. Half of that amount ($200) is required to start your research and confirm your chosen day/time. At least two weeks is needed to prepare your personal booklet. 


Dream Analysis: Dreams provide a window into your subconscious and reveal to the ‘waking self’ relevant information which can provide self-reflection for self-growth. Reviewing your dreamscape’s sensations, symbolism, archetypes, characters and storyline, provides a wealth of information that can assist you in negotiating life with more clarity. Dreams have been studied for millennia—from ancient cultural practices, to psychological exploration, to esoteric discussions—each an alternative healing opportunity. An intuitive dream reading session will explore your dream symbology to help you gain new insights. Please consider signing up for my dream blog, to see the type of in-depth interpretation that may stimulate further thoughts about your own dreamstate - Starwalker Dream Circle  55 minute sessions are $150.

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Testimonials-Intuitive Thoth Tarot Readings

"A Tarot Reading From Sandy Corcoran Is Somewhat Similar To Readings From Other Extraordinary People Who Are Not Limited By Three Dimensions And Time Moving Only Forward, But You Have To Add Both Jet Fuel And Afterburners, And You Get A Sense Of How Fast She Travels. Her Readings Include Both General And Very Specific Information, As She Uses The Cards As Keys To Unlock Questions About Events, General Trends, Concepts And Relationships, Which Are Then Enhanced With Her Compassionate Intuition. I Recommend Her Highly As I And Family Members Have Found Her Helpful When Struggling With Big Questions." 
—Psychiatrist, Male Age 65, US Great Basin

"Sandy Is Uncanny In Her Ability To Discern The Pertinent Issues To Be Addressed. I Have Found Her To Be Extremely Helpful In Refining My Decisions Relative To Inter-Personal Relationships, As Well As In My Professional Endeavors. Over The Years, Sandy Has Been Consistently Accurate And Insightful. Her Prescriptive And Recommendations Have Been Nothing Less Than Stellar! I Highly Recommend Spending Time With Her." 
—C. (Male, Retired Criminal Justice, Ph.D.) 

"I Have Visited Sandy Over Several Years For Tarot Readings. Her Insights And Readings Have Helped Me To Navigate And To Understand Several Aspects Of My Life. She Is Incredibly Knowledgeable, Highly Intuitive, And Delivers What She Sees In The Cards With Kindness And Compassion. She Is Definitely The Best Reader I Have Ever Been To And I Have Recommended Her To Many People - Friends And Family - And All Are Very Grateful For Her Readings." 
—P. (Female, Graphic Designer/Artist) 

"I Have Had Many Tarot Readings From Sandy Corcoran Over The Years, And What I Have To Say Is This. There Is The Wisdom Of The Tarot, And There Is The Wisdom Of Sandy. Combined, They See Profoundly Into Whatever Situation I Bring, And Equally They See Profoundly Into Me. Sandy’s Comments Are Deep And True To The Issue, Yet Always Kind. She Takes The Rich Heritage Of The Cards And Translates Them Into A Relevance To My Life. A Session With Sandy Is Always Worth Every Second And Every Cent. Thank You, Sandy!" 
—Tracey A., Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist

"Sandy Corcoran Enjoys A Loyal Clientele Because Her Tarot Sessions Combine Intuition And Insight With Common Sense And Practical Advice. She's Fun To Talk With, Which Is Always A Plus When One Is Asking Important Questions. It Has Been My Pleasure To Introduce Friends And Relatives To Sandy And Her Work, And It's No Exaggeration To Say That She Has Helped Birth Life Changes. Sandy's Observations Have Even Helped My Dogs And Cat. I Am Happy To Recommend Her Services." 
—CJ, (Female, Writer And Energy Worker)